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Nov 20, 2015  · If you want an easier solution, you can grab the aptly named Wireless Network Watcher.This free program gives you a list of gadgets connected to your Wi-Fi network. Once you have the list of connected gadgets,

If you price out a cheaper plan, you can ask your current company to match it. If they balk, all the better. The best deals can come from the cancellations department, says Ian Aronovich, 42, of Great Neck, New York.

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See more of Kim Komando on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Best wireless routers to get better coverage and speed things up.

My flight was canceled last week because of Delta’s massive power outage.

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An article in yesterday’s USA Today by Kim Komando, ISPs are notorious for the security failings in the way they configure routers. Perhaps the best thing you can.

The "Internet of Things" is starting to come into the mainstream. Don’t worry if you don’t remember what exactly the "Internet of Things" actually is – you’re in good company.

Most wireless routers have Ethernet ports. There’s also 802.11n, which isn’t yet standardized. The best choice is 802.11n. It provides the best range and speed. The Wi-Fi Alliance has started certi.

5 Ways to Boost Your Router Security New malware is targeting WiFi routers around the world. Here’s what to do about it.

If you like my national Kim Komando radio show, out-of-date wireless router and our recommended. I’ll show you five tricks I use most when hunting for the best.

My flight was canceled last week because of Delta’s massive power outage.

Home routers have been compromised by state-supported Russian hackers, More Kim Komando:. What questions do you have about living the best digital life?

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One of the best things about Wi-Fi is the easy access it provides to the internet. Wi-Fi routers are not all created equal. On the Kim Komando Show,

3 router tweaks to speed up your Wi-Fi. Go to to check out the best routers you can. Kim Komando hosts the nation’s largest talk.

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Home routers have been compromised by state-supported Russian hackers, More Kim Komando:. What questions do you have about living the best digital life?

Jul 28, 2009  · What’s the best wireless vpn router?. Find a good VPN router and then buy a good wireless router to tack onto it, Kim Komando reccommends the.

This 2.4Ghz band is particularly congested because, aside from other Wi-Fi routers in your vicinity, other devices like cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens and baby monitors occupy this band.

byJoseph F. Kovar on October 4, 2007, 2:58 pm EDT Red Hat’s $250 million acquisition of CoreOS sent shockwaves over the container technology landscape. Here are five ways the deal could impact the red.

Apr 24, 2008  · How hard is it to hook up a desktop PC to a wireless router?. Best Answer: get a. I suggest checking around Kim Komando’s site for her hints and.