Hook Up Ps2 To Computer Monitor

To hook up a computer monitor to your computer you must have a VGA cable or a DVI cable, depending on the monitor you have.

Oct 23, 2007  · At 10/20/07 11:35 AM, RippedGames wrote: im not sure if it is possible but is there anyway to hook up my playstation2 to my computer so i can view it through monitor. and if can be done what will i need to do it You would probably need some type of adapter.

Of course, you need cables to hook all this stuff up. There are a variety of different ones you might need depending on your consoles – including HD AV kit for the Xbox, component cables for the PS2.

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That means I can connect up to three different computers to my one monitor. Obviously, there are downsides to this approach because HDMI can carry the highest resolution with the most stability. DVI and VGA can also carry HD signals, but problems can start to occur at higher resolutions that require greater bandwidth.

Buy a VGA cable for the PS2 off Amazon. It’s like £10. Make sure your computer monitor has a VGA input. (Usually blue, three rows of pins). Get a VGA to RCA conver…ter box (view tips for a.

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Sep 24, 2009  · Best Answer: Its all about inputs basically. The monitor would need to have composite video inputs. I believe that’s what both of those use. They might also be able to use component connection, but I forget, I haven’t used either of those in so long. So just read through the specs on what inputs the monitor.

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Jul 19, 2009  · so, i wanna play my ps2, but i wanna hook it up to my pc. better monitor vs tv and better sound. i don’t have a receiver and don’t plan on buying one.

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Mar 09, 2012  · the ps2’s normal adapter is for A/V composite. but i think if you want the best picture with the ps2, you want a crt tv that accepts component input, and then get a ps2 component adapter. ps2 wasn’t meant to be played on hdtv’s or high resolution pc monitors/lcds. it looks best on a crt tv.

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Level of difficulty: Easy You might want to connect your PS2 (PlayStation 2) gaming console to your computer for playing your favorite games for several reasons to suit your convenience, like for example if you need to free up your TV set’s connectors. But while you desire to get your PlayStation 2 connected to your computer, you may have to face some problems while doing so.

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Nov 15, 2009  · if your monitor only has one input that doesn’t match the connection for one of you consoles (most likely RCA or component) you can often find adapters that’ll bridge the connection from your console’s video cable to the monitor’s input. i’ve got a PS2 hooked up to one of my Dell monitors via component and my Wii connected to another monitor with a VGA adapter.

Jan 23, 2007  · I’m looking to hook my PS2 up to my computer monitor. I’ve run into some problems, though. I bought a VGA box off of Ebay. The seller was terribly slow and eventually told me the product I had originally requested was no longer available.

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Jan 29, 2007  · It only allows you to connect the yellow plug, so you’ll have to find a stereo or converter from the Red/White cables to Headphone Jack so that you can connect the sound to your Audio In (Blue slot) on the back of your computer to play the sound through that.

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Jan 23, 2007  · Along with these plugs, there’s a port for headphones. So I assume it takes the PS2’s AV signals, and allows you to route sound to headphones if, like me, you don’t have a monitor with speakers. I know that there’s an output setting on the PS2’s configuration screen that I can change (from RGB to Pr Y Pb), but I’ve had no luck with it.

Do you have to hook your playstation 2 to a computer to play online? No you have to connect it to the internet to go online. That’s the same way your computer is able to go online.

"I can plug a VGA->DVI adapter into my monitor, hook it up to my PC and everything works fine, and that thing costs like $5." Yes, this is because the people who designed the DVI specification included pins to carry the analog VGA signal (DVI-D is pure digital, DVI-A is pure analog, DVI-I is both).

A keyboard-video-mouse (KVM) switch saves space in a server room by allowing you to connect multiple servers to a single monitor, keyboard and mouse. HP KVM switches are available in tabletop or rack-.

Oct 14, 2011  · PS2 to Monitor using composite to USB. Discussion in ‘PS2’ started by kmanic, Oct 12, 2011.

As Kotaku reports, even though the PS3 was launched in 2006, Sony continued to manufacture the PS2 right up until 2012. Ever since, an aftercare service has been available allowing owners in Japan to.

Yeah I can echo that. As Wizdabeast pointed out there is a box that will allow you to connect your Wii/PS2 VHS recorder etc to a monitor, these are usually called VGA boxes.

Softimage announced the availability of a new suite of utilities and tools designed to speed-up. for the PS2 platform into an integrated Net View-based management utility. The Softimage|XSI PDK for.

Jul 07, 2007  · Hi,i need to ask a few things.Is there a way to play PS2 on a PC or play PS2 with a PC monitor.I currently cannot play my PS2 in the living room now since my nephew has started crawling (and who knows what he will do with my stuff..) and wanted to play so badly.Is this a good idea or maybe i should just buy my own Tv.